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The name of God in 72 languages is depicted on the petals of a symbolic sunflower in this rare print from Kircher's Oedipus Aegyptiacus. Above the circle are the 72 powers of God according to the Hebrew Kabbalah.
"The world of letters is the true world of bliss."
~Abraham Abulafia (1240-c.1292)

Infused with meaning, the Hebrew alphabet reveals a glimpse into the divine mystery. In particular, the sets of letters known as the 72 Powers of God are spiritual tools. These letter-combinations come from the mystical teachings of Kabbalah. Its ideas and practice date back more than 4000 years. In Hebrew, Kabbalah means tradition. Translated literally, it means "to receive." The Names are then keys to sacred knowledge meant to unite the holder with the Divine.

How It Works
The 72 Powers are not names in the ordinary sense. But are rather 72, individual configurations of three Aramaic letters. According to Kabbalah, these letter-combinations are encoded with certain vibrations that relate to different aspects of divine energy.

They can be used as an aid and guide to meditation. You don't have to understand Hebrew to do this. It is through the formation of these letters that you connect in a visual, non-verbal way to a specific energy. Concentrating on their shapes alone is sufficient.

Start by focusing on these letters, "scanning" from right to left. Then close your eyes, further imprinting them in your mind. Lastly, take action. Do something that embodies the intention of this name. This meditation in action creates an opening to make changes in your life on a metaphysical level.

Legacy of the Names
According to Kabbalah, the prophet Abraham was the first to receive this sacred knowledge. Later Moses invoked its power, too. Remember the story in the Bible when the Red Sea parts? The miracle in that event was a result of the same phenomenon that is revealed in the 72 Powers of God.

When Moses cried out to God for help as the Egyptians threatened to capture the Israelites, God reminded Moses he already had been given the tools necessary to help save his people. All Moses had to do was use them. And he did.

For centuries the hidden power within the 72 Powers of God was open only to Prophets and Holy men. It was highly protected and practiced in secret. But it was written that one day this mystical knowledge would be revealed to the world, with the intended effect of connecting each of us to the two worlds that already exist-the spiritual and the physical. Thus, allowing us to create miracles for ourselves.

It's the ultimate mind over matter. And this is no superficial shift you're setting into motion. These tools can create change on a DNA level. If Moses was able to part the Red Sea with this knowledge, imagine the possibilities of what this can mean for you.

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